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      Impact on the quality of the main factors Plasticating
      Time:2009/5/4    The number of readers:1857    【Print
      Plasticization effects of the quality of the main factors are: aspect ratio, compression ratio, pressure, screw speed, temperature, heating cylinder.

      1, aspect ratio: for the effective work of screw length and screw diameter ratio.

      a, large aspect ratio is even eat meal;
      b, better thermal stability of the plastic can be used to enhance the long screw instead of mixing and burning, poor thermal stability of the plastic can be used short end of a screw or a screw thread no. Plastic properties to consider, such as under the general stream length: Thermosetting 14 \'16, rigid PVC, such as high viscosity PU thermosensitive 17 \'18, general plastic for 18 \'22, PC, POM, such as high temperature stability of plastic 22 \'24.

      2, compression ratio: In order to feed the end of a spiral groove depth of the first paragraph with the measurement of the depth of the ratio of screw slot.
      a, consider the compression of material, loading the degree of reflux, such as the impact of products to be dense, heat and exhaust;
      b, the appropriate compression ratio can increase the density of plastic, so that combination of elements and molecules more closely, the lessons help to reduce the air reduce the pressure caused by temperature rise, and the impact of differences in output, inadequate compression than would be the destruction of the physical properties of plastics;
      c, the higher the compression ratio on the plastic tube in the plastics material during the temperature rise resulting from the higher to the plasticization of the plastic produce better mixing uniformity, the relative charge of a greatly reduced.
      d, high compression ratio for non-fusible plastic, particularly of low melt viscosity, thermal stability of plastics; low compression ratio for fusible plastic, in particular high melt viscosity, heat-sensitive plastic.

      3, pressure
      a, increase the screw increase the pressure on the molten resin made of power, the elimination of non-fused plastic particles to increase the feed tube and the uniformity of the density of raw materials;
      b, back pressure is being applied to raise the cylinder temperature, the effect of the most significant;
      c, too much pressure on high heat-sensitive plastic easy to break down the plastic for low-viscosity salivation may be the phenomenon of back pressure is too small, injection molding of the finished product may be air bubbles.

      4, screw speed
      a, screw rotation speed of a direct impact on the plastic tank in the spiral shear;
      b, small screw groove shallow rapid absorption of heat, sufficient to plastic softening in compression time, screw and cylinder friction intramural low heat, suitable for high-speed rotation, the ability to increase plasticization;
      c, large screw rotation is not fast in order to avoid uneven plastics and friction caused by excessive heat;
      d, higher on the heat-sensitive plastic, screw speed is too large, then decomposition of plastic would be very easy;
      e, the size of screw is usually a certain speed range, the general speed of 100 \'150rpm; too low will not melt plastic, burnt plastic will be too high.

      5, heater temperature setting
      a, so staying in the cylinder and screw chilled plastic melt within the screw rotation in order to provide molten plastic was part of the necessary heat;
      b, set the temperature lower than the melting plastic 5 \'10 ℃ (provided in part by the friction heat);
      c, radio Tsui temperature adjustment can also be used to control salivation, condensed material (Cypriot Tsui), lead wire and so on;
      d, crystalline plastic in general temperature control:


      Plastic types

      Barrel temperature℃

      Injection pressure  kgf/cm2













      e, non-crystalline plastic

      Plastic types

      Barrel temperature

      Injection pressure kgf/cm2













      Modified    PPO



      Rigid    PVC



      Note: a, do not add more than the non-glass fiber reinforced plastics.
      b, cylinder temperature within the molten plastic tube is usually higher than the temperature outside the control.
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