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      Parallel and conical twin-screw extruder of the respective strengths
      Time:2009/5/4    The number of readers:1752    【Print
      Parallel twin-screw extruder, or conical twin-screw extruder good? Users in the twin-screw extruder to purchase from time to time the issues raised.
           Twin-screw extruder classification
           By twin-screw rotation direction, can be divided into the extruder in the same direction and to the two different extruder, with the two-screw extruder is the work of the same spin direction, different means to the extruder 2 the work of the root screw rotating in opposite directions.
           By twin-screw axis line parallel to it or not, can be divided into lines parallel to the axis and the axis line of intersection of the two extruders. Line parallel to the axis of the twin-screw extruder, the axis line to the intersection of conical twin-screw extruder.

      Twin-screw extruders are the mating and non-mesh points.
           Parallel and conical twin-screw extruder similarities: There are mandatory for plastic conveyor mechanism to move forward, a good plasticizer of mixed ability and ability to dehydration, with essentially the same materials and plastic products for the forming process of adaptation .

           Parallel and conical twin-screw extruder of the different
           1, Diameter: The diameter of the parallel twin-screw the same as the conical twin-screw Xiaoduan different diameter and big diameter.
           2, Tongxin from: flat twin-screw from the same center, conical twin-screw axis was the angle between the two, the center distance along the axis of change in size.
           3, aspect ratio: a parallel double-screw (L / D) is the effective part of screw length and the ratio of cylindrical screw, conical twin-screw (L / D) is the screw part of the effective length with Xiaoduan end diameter and the ratio of the average diameter.
           From the above, we can see a clear parallel with the conical twin-screw extruder of the most significant difference is that the screw barrel of different geometry in order to rise to the structure and performance of a number of differences, although the two features different, but have their own advantages.

      Parallel twin-screw extruder
           As a result of the center distance of two screw size restrictions, in the transmission gear box for supporting the output shaft of the two radial bearings and thrust bearings and related gear space is limited, despite the great designers of their brains, but it can not be to solve the carrying capacity of bearings, gears modulus, small diameter, the two small screw diameter of the tail of the reality, leading to poor results of anti-torque. Torque output of small, anti-load capability, parallel twin-screw extruder of the most significant shortcomings. But the aspect ratio is the plasticity of the advantages of the parallel twin-screw, it can be the difference between molding conditions, and reduce the aspect ratio can be increased to meet the requirements of plastic processing technology, parallel twin-screw to expand the scope of application, but this is conical twin-screw extruder is difficult to do.

           Conical twin-screw extruder
           Level with two cone-shaped screw, the angle between the two axes were put into a drum machine, the two axes from the center distance to the big Xiaoduan gradually become larger, the transmission output shaft gear box has two larger center distance, These transmission gears and the gear shaft and the bearing of the radial axis of these gear bearings and thrust bearings have a larger installation space, it can be a larger device specification radial bearings and thrust bearings, the shaft sufficient to meet the delivery torque of the shaft, so the work of torque, load capacity Dachengqi conical twin-screw extruder characteristics of a major. This parallel twin-screw extruder is second to none.

           Twin-screw extruder bearing the only retirement
           The work of twin-screw extruder, the melt in the screw head will have a very large pressure (head pressure), pressure 14MPA usually about the size, sometimes even up to more than 30MPA, which formed a powerful pressure on the screw shaft to thrust, to withstand thrust bearing is the only role of retreat.
           1, parallel twin-screw extruders due to center distance of the two small screw restrictions retreat only the carrying capacity of bearing the size of its diameter, the diameter of large carrying capacity, and apparently the only large-diameter bearings back is impossible. This conflict situation is usually small in diameter with only a few months back with the role of bearing series, bear a strong axial force, the use of this method is the core issue must be borne by each of the thrust bearing load to be uniformly the same, otherwise, bear the largest bearing damage due to overloading in advance, it should be added to other load bearing on its overload, the continuity of the consequences of the damage is very serious. From here we can see the parallel twin-screw extruder drive system is rather complicated structure, with conical twin-screw extruder drive system of the structure compared to the gear box high manufacturing costs, maintenance more complex.
           2, conical twin-screw extruder with screw because there are two angle, so the two transmission gear box output shaft has a larger center distance, in the gear box in the device before and after the cross with two large Thrust heart ball bearings, enough to prevent the formation of pressure by the head of the axial force, which is characterized by the carrying capacity of large, low-cost gear box manufacturing, maintenance more convenient.
           For users, the twin-screw extruder is very important to buy, different types of twin-screw extruders have different properties and applications, therefore, need to be clear what a variety of twin-screw extruder performance and applications. For example, the mating-type in the same direction rotating twin-screw extruders because of its high speed, shear rate, and combination of the screw, it is not widely applied to thermal decomposition of the modified polymer ---- blending, filling , fiber-reinforced materials and the reactive extrusion. For example, the mating-type iso-rotating twin-screw extruders, which have good function of mixed plastics, which is characterized by the largest PVC powder molding process directly. Such as changes in screw geometry, but also other materials can be used for processing, but its strength is still forming PVC. According to size plastic cross-section to determine the volume of extrusion, and then out of the amount to choose from twin-screw extruder specifications. In the plastic molding process is basically the same process conditions, the function of conical twin-screw extruder head pressure to adapt to a larger, parallel twin-screw extruder nose functions to adapt to the smaller pressure.
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