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      How to buy injection molding machine
      Time:2009/5/4    The number of readers:1987    【Print


          Injection molding machine of the buyers and users, first of all should know how to be a good injection molding machine, which aspects need to assess, and then to a reasonable choice and use. Injection molding machine must have the following assessment criteria.

           1. The technical parameters of injection molding machine to be advanced and reasonable. Users can be vertical or horizontal to determine the comparison. The so-called "vertical" is the injection molding machine main technical parameters should meet the industry standards, according to industry-standard look. The so-called "horizontal" is based on injection molding machine at home and abroad the same technical parameters were compared. Therefore, it is a very careful scientific work. Plastic injection products according to the material, shape, structure and the application areas and specific occasions; in accordance with the structure of molds, quality, precision, cavity number, the type of flow and its structure, shape, size; on the basis of product, month, degree of automation in production capacity, such as to select the parameters of injection molding machine at all levels.

           2. The stability of the machine work, reliability, safety and service life. More than the stability of the machine in the mold and injection system in the run cycle is a smooth, quiet in the absence of the impact of work, noise should not exceed industry standards. And mechanical aspects of these manufacturing and assembly accuracy, but also with a reasonable link曲肘design and structure. Reliability and service life, mainly reflected in the mold system of rigid bodies with respect to templates, bar, rod and pin structure, size and material and heat treatment process, etc.; the plastic injection molding machine by the system such as cylinder , screw, screw head, screw止逆ring and the structure of the drive spindle and its manufacturing processes, which were mainly affected by the injection molding machine parts and wear our pieces, a direct impact on life. The safety of injection molding machine is very important. Die die in the opening and closing, the low reliability of the system involved in the protection of human security. Modern injection molding machine must be the implementation of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic joint security system, this protection is mainly reflected two aspects: First, the security protection of the mold, and the other is the protection of personal safety. Prior to the closure mode, when the security door did not close, the closure should be no action mode; in the closed mold process, if the security door is not related to the correct location, the template automatically moves to stop or die. If the closed mode when the foreign body, such as Insert, as a result of vibration and other factors fall into the wrong pocket, or any other foreign body such as the start and so on, placed in the wrong mold, the mold should be closed to stop action mode, or automatically, and alarm mode . Another security aspect of injection molding machine is the pre-plastic screw to prevent cold start, when the screw of the material does not meet the specified temperature and holding time, is prohibited to start or alarm will occur. Material injection molding machine nozzle splash protection device is necessary to prevent scalding.

           3. To the high degree of automation, functionality should be fully improved, the production of high efficiency. Modern injection molding machines can be manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation, as long as the mold design and reasonable, we can achieve from injection molding to the top products of the automatic operation of the fall can also be equipped with unmanned robot to achieve.抽插core functions, hydraulic nozzles, as well as the rapid increase control functions can be hot probe into the injection molding cycle of the automation process, the cycle automatically. High productivity in the main, each mold injection products in the normal process conditions, shorter cycle times. This is reflected in an injection molding machine of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic system performance indicators, therefore, must be of high quality hydraulic and electronic components, precision manufacturing techniques used to improve the injection molding machine system sensitivity and accuracy of the repeat This is the injection system is a reliable guarantee for efficient work.

           4. Energy-saving and environmental protection is judged modern injection molding machine of the indicators can not be ignored. Energy, mainly reflected in the injection molding machine drive systems, heating systems, cooling system to meet the normal conditions compared with the similar machine of water-saving, energy-saving capacity. Modern injection molding machine design should be fully considered "green" theme. Injection molding machine to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil or excessive noise, it is necessary to work quietly. In addition, the injection molding machine itself should also be more eco-friendly materials used.

           5. The capacity of man-machine dialogue and maneuverability. Injection molding machine to operation and management should be more human, to be convenient to operate, indicating to clear, easy to understand at a glance. Have on the parameters of choice, product quality control, mold data storage and the parameters of the automatic reproduction capabilities for rapid fault diagnosis and rule out the possibility, as soon as possible to reduce waste materials and restore the normal operation of the system.

           6. Machinery maintenance, to facilitate maintenance. A variety of machines such as mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, electrical components of the installation location should be conducive to the maintenance and repair machines, injection molding machine at the same time GM and the degree of standardization is also important to the user.
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