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      Mr Wang (General Manager)

      Single-screw air compressor air compressor and twin-screw what the advantages and disadvantages of this
      Time:2009/5/4    The number of readers:1984    【Print
      I. Overview
      Screw air compressor has a simple structure, reliable and easy to operate a series of unique advantages, which date from the birth of the industrial sector by the extensive attention. After years of development, screw air compressor in the 1 "60M3/MIN less than or equal to the flow and pressure range of 20Barg been widely used in Europe, the United States, Japan and other economically developed areas of the West has been close to 100% market share ( almost completely replace the air compressor piston), of which over 99% of the twin-screw air compressors.

      Second, the classification of screw air compressor
      1, divided by the number of screw twin-screw and single screw air compressor air compressor.
      2, according to whether the compression process is divided into lubricants involved in oil-free screw air compressor and oil-injected screw air compressor.

      III Introduction of twin-screw air compressor
      Twin-screw air compressor 30, was born in the 20th century era. It consists of a pair of parallel arrangement, each mesh composed of the rotor. Work, a rotor rotating clockwise, counterclockwise rotation by a rotor, in the process of mutual engagement, the air is compressed to the required pressure. Twin-screw compressor with high reliability and good mechanical balance of power, operation and maintenance is also very convenient, since the advent of the date that the cause of great concern to the industrial sector. After a large number of research institutes and manufacturing enterprises, a large number of theoretical research and production practice, twin-screw compressor in the 20th century, 70's and improve the maturity and the market was a great success, is currently the market leading products . At present, domestic and foreign well-known compressor manufacturers are produced in twin-screw air compressor screw air compressor, and sales in the market in the screw air compressor, 99% are twin-screw air compressor .

      Fourth, single-screw air compressor Profile
      Single Screw Air Compressor 60 originated in the 20th century era, from the name, the characteristics of the compressor rotor is only one screw. But, in fact, single-screw air compressor has three axis of rotation, that is, by a screw and the screw rotor and two rotor vertical component of the planetary gear. Screw air compressor, as a family, single-screw air compressor and twin-screw air compressor has similar advantages, but because of the existence of the following in the industry makes it difficult to resolve the problem has not been its large-scale promotion.

      1, more moving parts: single-screw air compressor has three axis of rotation, and the screw planetary gears and a larger difference between the rigid, non-uniform deformation of movement easily, so it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of mutual engagement, so a lower volumetric efficiency. In the current market, single-screw compressors are used in planetary gear non-metallic materials, poor wear resistance in high-speed work, as a result of greater wear and tear, resulting in increased leakage and thus the work flow for some time larger attenuation generally 3000-4000 hours after the operation, the flow of the average attenuation of 5 "10%. Therefore, single-screw compressor applications in the industrial economy of the poor. together with the deformation caused by the non-uniform meshing accuracy difficult machine equipment to ensure that it will result in lower mechanical stability and therefore a high failure rate, repair rate, to further restrict the scope of its use.

      2, planetary gear of the material to be further improved. Planetary gear as a single screw compressor, one of the core components, its main role is to play the role of seals. If I choose to steel planetary gears, as the expansion coefficient of steel, and expansion of capacity, it is imperative that screw planetary gear with a larger gap between the left, not only multi-leakage, low efficiency, and easy to attack a major fault: If the use of composite materials, although these issues can be resolved, but because of the current strength of the composite low, poor wear resistance in operation in the process of shear stress and mechanical effects of friction, not only will soon be damaged, resulting in increased internal leakage, efficiency, and frequent maintenance, increasing the maintenance personnel and maintenance costs of labor intensity. How to find a high strength, swelling degree of wear-resistant materials in small and become manufacturers need to address another big problem. However, on the current progress in materials science perspective, it is difficult to be a fundamental short-term solution.

      3, screw-type wire to be further optimized. Due to the existence of these two issues and in the foreseeable future there is no good solution, thus limiting the promotion of single-screw air compressor. Therefore, scientific research institutions and the large-scale air compressor manufacturer in the single screw-type line inputs little research, it has not made greater progress. How to find the best screw-type line is also in front of a large-scale promotion of a major work. However, due to poor market prospects, all the major manufacturers do not invest, so the short term it is difficult to raise fundamental.

      To sum up the general, the current technological development, the twin-screw air compressor is not only technically advanced but also in practical application has been fully mature and widely used. Although the single-screw air compressor on a unique principle, but as a result of a decisive factor in a number of deficiencies exist, which is still in the experimental process, its products have yet to be further improved, not as a mature product in the market, large the popularization and application of the scale.

      First, power balance
      Single-screw compressors: screw under the radial and axial force can automatically balance gas, stars gear bearing gas, and the requirements stars tooth with sufficient strength and rigidity.

      Twin-screw compressors: screw rotor bear larger radial and axial gas, and the requirements of the screw has sufficient strength and rigidity.

      Second, manufacturing costs
      Single-screw compressors: screw and star wheel bearings can use an ordinary bearing, lower manufacturing costs.

      Twin-screw compressor: two screw rotor load as a result of relatively large, require high precision bearings selected, higher manufacturing costs.

      Third, reliability
      Single-screw compressors: single screw compressor is the vulnerability of the stars round of parts, in addition to the Star Ferry higher material requirements, stars round needs to be regularly replaced.

      Twin-screw Compressor: twin-screw compressor is not wearing parts, trouble-free run-time of up to 4 ~ 80,000 hours.

      Fourth, the efficiency of
      State machine in the new, single-screw compressor and the efficiency of twin-screw compressor is basically the same. With the increase in run-time, single-screw compressor wheel wear the star will lead to lower gas reduction and efficiency.

      5, noise and vibration
      Single-screw compressors and twin-screw compressor is basically the same as noise and vibration.

      6, processing equipment
      Single screw compressor: No mature dedicated processing equipment, which led to the performance of products is not very stable.

      Twin-screw compressors: screw has mature dedicated milling and grinding machines to ensure the stability of product performance.

      7, operation and maintenance
      Single-screw compressors and twin-screw compressor operation and maintenance of day-to-day is basically the same.

      8, applicability
      Single screw compressor: suitable for high discharge pressure of the occasion, such as high-pressure air compressors, refrigeration compressors and gas compressors, etc..
      Twin-screw compressors: the rotor due to stiffness and load bearing constraints, twin-screw compressor can only be suitable for medium and low-voltage range, such as the power to use air compressors, refrigeration compressors and low pressure natural gas compressors, etc., Pai air pressure of not more than 4.5MPa
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