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      Mr Wang (General Manager)

      Single-screw twin-screw machine and the difference between machine
      Time:2009/5/4    The number of readers:2741    【Print
      Blue dreams: What is the difference between them that? Also used a twin-screw motor it is generally the number of watts you? What is the difference between yields on it?

            Jianghai: single-screw twin-screw machines and the machines: one is a screw, a screw 2. Are used in a motor-driven. Power varies due to screw double cone .50 about the power 20KW, 65 of about 37KW. yield and related materials and screw, cone 50 is about double the output of 100-150KG / H, 65 double-cone is about 200-280KG / H. The production of single-screw only half of it.

           Nanjing Li Gong: extruder screw according to their number can be divided into single-screw, twin-screw and multi-screw extruder. At present, a single-screw extruder is most widely used, general materials suitable for extrusion processing. Twin-screw extruders because of heat generated by friction less shear material by comparison even greater transmission capacity of the screw, extrusion volume is relatively stable, the material inside the machine to stay long, mixed evenly.

            SJSZ series conical twin-screw extruder with forced extrusion, high-quality, wide adaptability, longevity, small shear rate, material not easily break down the performance of mixing plastics, and powder characteristics of direct molding, temperature-controlled , vacuum exhaust and other devices. Apply to management, board, special-shaped materials, such as the production of products.

           Single Screw Extruder Pelletizing Machinery, whether as a plasticizer or processing machinery has played an important role, in recent years, industry, the single-screw extruder has been greatly developed. At present, large-scale grain production in Germany by single-screw extruder, screw diameter 700mm, output of 36t / h.

           Single screw extruder of the main indicator of the development of its key components - the development of screw. In recent years, there has been carried out to screw a lot of theoretical and experimental research, has been nearly a hundred kinds of screw, has separated from a common type, shear type, barrier type, shunt type and wavy.

           Development from a single screw, although in recent years, single-screw extruder has been better, but with the plastic polymer material and constant development, but also emerged in more new features and special single-screw screw extruder. Overall, single-screw extruder toward the high-speed, highly efficient, dedicated and direction.

           Twin-screw extruder feeding characteristics, and apply powder processing, and more than a single-screw extruders have a better mixing, venting, response and self-cleaning function, characterized by poor thermal stability of the processing of plastic and when a total mixture shows its advantages. In recent years foreign twin-screw extruders have been a lot of development, various forms of twin-screw extruder has been serialized and commercialization, manufacturing firms are also more broadly categorized as follows:

           (1) according to the relative position of two axes, there are parallel and the sub-cone;

           (2) by two screw meshing procedure and mesh-based and non-engagement of sub-type;

           (3) by two rotary screw direction, and varies in the same direction to the points, the differences in how to inward, out of hours;

           (4) by the screw rotation speed, high-speed and low speed of the sub;

           (5) by the screw and barrel of the structure and composition of the overall points.

           In the twin-screw extruder based on the processing to make it easier to poor thermal stability of the total mixture, and some manufacturers also developed a multi-screw extruder, such as planets, such as extruders.
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