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    2. HaiYi  Plastic

      Technical refinement, pioneering spirit, quality of service!!

      Entrepreneurial spirit

          We are constantly at home and abroad to learn advanced science and management experience to ensure that the products to enhance greater detail, because the professional should be looking forward to! As trusted integrity!

      Product Category

         Block screw
          Dry-type feed screw
          Aquatic screw
          Single barrel
          Twin parrel barrel
          Twin conical barrel
         Extruder Screw
          Single screw
          Twin screw
         Injection Screw
         plastic injection screw accessory

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      Mr Wang (General Manager)

      "Single-screw twin-screw machine and the difference between machine"
      Blue dreams: What is the difference between them that? Also used a twin-screw motor it is generally the number of watts you? What is the difference between yields on it?

            Jianghai: single-screw twin-screw machines and the machines: one is a screw, a screw 2. Are used in a motor-driven. Power varies due to screw double cone .50 about the power 20KW, 65 of about 37KW. yield and related materials and screw, cone 50 is about double the...
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           The basic parameters of screw  2009/5/4
           Single-screw air compressor air compressor and twin-screw what the advantages and disadvantages of this  2009/5/4
           Plastic injection molding of the working principle and maintenance  2009/5/4
           How to buy injection molding machine  2009/5/4
           All-round look at my domestic machine industry: eight views of the worries about the industry  2009/5/4
           Screw several important geometrical parameters  2009/5/4
           Parallel and conical twin-screw extruder of the respective strengths  2009/5/4

           Impact on the quality of the main factors Plasticating  2009/5/4


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