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    2. HaiYi  Plastic

      Technical refinement, pioneering spirit, quality of service!!

      Entrepreneurial spirit

          We are constantly at home and abroad to learn advanced science and management experience to ensure that the products to enhance greater detail, because the professional should be looking forward to! As trusted integrity!

      About Us

      HAIYI Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in the largest production area of screw and barrel--- Zhoushan,Zhejiang province in China.We are specialized in research and sale of all kinds of screws and barrels which were widely applied to injection machine, plastic machine, extruder and feed expanding machine .The quality has arrived to the standard of country and saled to Taiwai,Southeast of Asia,America and so on.
      Accumulating for many years,we are possessed a full set of perfect production technology and inspection equipement. The material is choosed from good alloy steel 38GrMOALA. After tempering,analysing,nitriding surface,polishing, our items have longer using lifetime,more precision,more fictile and more werable. Meanwhile we can produce the largest single screw-rod with diameter reach to 350mm;parrel single barrels with the diameter 45-150mm in China....


      plastic injection screw accessory
      injection screw
      conical twin screw
      conical twin screw
      parrel twin screw
      extruder screw
      Extruder screw
      Compression screw