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    2. HaiYi  Plastic

      Technical refinement, pioneering spirit, quality of service!!

      Entrepreneurial spirit

          We are constantly at home and abroad to learn advanced science and management experience to ensure that the products to enhance greater detail, because the professional should be looking forward to! As trusted integrity!

      Product Category

         Block screw
          Dry-type feed screw
          Aquatic screw
          Single barrel
          Twin parrel barrel
          Twin conical barrel
         Extruder Screw
          Single screw
          Twin screw
         Injection Screw
         plastic injection screw accessory

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      Contact Us

      Mr Wang (General Manager)

      Contact:     Mr Wang (General Manager)
      Tel:     +86-0580-8710992
      Mobile Phone:     13957215809
      Fax:     +86-0580-8710990
      Address:     Industrial Zone,Dinghai District,Zhoushan City
      Code:     316000
      E-mail:     mandyzhuying@wsihai.com
      URL:     http://www.wsihai.com

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